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Privacy policy

The website owner pays special attention to respecting the privacy of users using the website resources. Data provided by users through their conscious and unconscious operation as a result of the work of their software, are recorded in the server logs and the website database. The data entrusted by users is used only for the purposes necessary for proper administration of the website and ensuring the correct operation of the website software in accordance with its assumptions. All data obtained fromusers visiting the website is not passed on to third parties. The user using the functions available on the website may at any time change or delete entrusted data without the possibility of reproduce them. In order to ensure the basic functionality of the website, the website software may save information on the visitor's side in the form of cookie files. The website can save the following information: ID of the login session which stores random user ID to maintain the logged in function user to account on the website, on / off status options supporting the process of using the website content website, in order to be able to restore user settings after closing and reopening the website. The website includes the Google AdSense component responsible for displaying advertisements on the website, which also saves cookies. Google AdSense uses cookies for the purpose limiting the number of ad impressions, generating aggregate reports related to advertising and the fight against fraud and abuse. Only non-personalized ads are displayed on GoogleAdSense for users in the European Economic Area (EEA) area. The user may at any time delete or block the saving of this type of files by changing the settings in the web browsing software. Block saving of this type of files may result in the inability of the proper functioning of the website's functions, which may significantly limit its functionality.